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Al’s Pizza & Subs is fairly new to Knox, Indiana, but it now joins the ranks of some great pizza places in this small town in my opinion. I know some Chicagoans claim the secret to their pizza is the tap water, and mabye that is true for the northwestern-Indiana town of Knox as well. There are less than five thousand people in Knox, yet I have found four places within the city where I can enjoy some delicious pizza. The main area of town offers Al’s Pizza & Subs as well as Gina Marie’s Pizza while Bass Lake Pub & Ristorante and Sporty’z Grill & Bar on Bass Lake in Knox also serve a tasty pie.  While there might not be a lot to do in Knox besides eat pizza, it certainly has at least that one thing going for it.

If I had to pick a main theme of my review of Al’s Pizza & Subs, it would be garlic.  I started with their garlic cheese bread, and the picture above doesn’t do it full justice as it was really delicious.  Moving on to their pizza, I would have to say that my favorite thing about it is that their standard crust is garlic-seasoned.  This impressed me as they don’t seem to advertise any flavored crusts, but I could definitely taste garlic on both the pepperoni, sausage, and Italian sausage pizza pictured at the top of the page and the cheese pizza pictured below.  The three meat toppings were very good, and the plain cheese pizza was enjoyable as the crust was able to stand out more on it.  Besides the garlic flavoring, I would say Al’s crust is somewhere in between thin and traditional in terms of thickness.  Al’s Pizza & Subs also offers various sides, sandwiches, and calzones, but I recommend taking advantage of their everyday offering of ten dollar 14-inch pizzas with up to three toppings on dine in and carry out orders with a limit of two pizzas.  While I may give Gina Marie’s Pizza a very slight edge in the competition for Knox’s best pizza, it is important to note that Al’s does have some available seating in their restaurant while Gina Marie’s really does not. 

What I Ate: Pepperoni, Sausage, and Italian Sausage
Rating: 8.0/10.0

Al’s Pizza & Subs
1214 S Heaton Street
Knox, IN 46534

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