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Apezza is a tasty pizzeria in the Geist Reservior area of Fishers, Indiana.  They are known for their fresh ingredients, and they were really evident in the Meat Lovers pizza pictured above.  I sometimes find that lots of meat on pizzas can lead to a lack of unique tastes, but that was not the case with this one as the sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon were all flavorful and stood out on their own.  I also liked that they offer garlic as a topping option, and I got that along with pepperoni and extra cheese on the pizza pictured below.  In addition to pizza, Apezza offers breadsticks, wings, onion rings, and salads.  Their breadsticks, also pictured below, are hand-rolled with their fresh-made dough and brushed with real butter and garlic salt, and they were very good.  Apezza also has a pretty good beer menu, and I recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already.

What I Ate: Meat Lovers
Rating: 8.0/10.0

10150 Brooks School Road
Fishers, IN 46037

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  1. Crwiley says:

    In a group of 20 celebrating 2 birthdays, that was the worst service and pizza we have ever had, burned crust so hard you could not cut it, nothing was delivered at a normal time, some were eating while others waited 30 minutes for their pizza. It was my 75th birthday and granddaughter’s 11th, same day. If we would have eaten the box, it would have been the same. We have already crossed them off our list and never give a recommendation to anyone. The waiters were so confused, overcharged one, but she said forget it and paid. Yes, the kids were a little noisy and wild, but if they would have had a decent pizza they would not have been that way. We left so much food, such a shame, but good for the owner. He made his money.

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