Arni’s Restaurant | Indianapolis, IN

Arni’s Restaurant has almost twenty different locations throughout Indiana.  They serve fairly good pizza with a rather thin crust.  They offer the small, crumbly kind of sausage as a topping (I know a lot of people like that and it isn’t all that common).  They also have a very wide selection of other food on their menu; including salads, sandwiches, burgers and pasta.

What I Ate: Sausage and Pepperoni
Rating: 7.0/10.0

Arni’s Restaurant
4705 East 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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My name is Ryan, and I am the creator of I am in search of the greatest pizza in America, and I will take you along for the ride through this website. Please let me know your thoughts as I would be happy to hear your input.


  1. Kelly H says:

    Why the 7.0? Not enough cheese? Crust too thin? Don’t like crumbly sausage? Too much sauce?

    • 7.0 is a fairly strong rating as absolutely nothing was wrong with this pizza. However, at the same time there was nothing about it that stood out too much. It is still definitely worth a try though.

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