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Aurelio’s Pizza has an impressive history, and I’m very excited that they have finally made their way to central Indiana by opening a store in Fishers in 2016.  Aurelio’s was started by Joe Aurelio in Homewood, Illinois in 1959, and it remains run by the Aurelio family to this day.  It was actually the first Chicago pizzeria to franchise, and another Homewood location held the title as the world’s largest pizzeria when it opened in 1977.  As a Chicago-area pizzeria, it is also interesting that they didn’t actually start serving stuffed pizza until the 1990s, and their original (and still most popular) recipe is their thin crust. 



The Aurelio’s Pizza at 126th and 37 in Fishers already seems to be very well-liked.  They have a decent amount of seating, but don’t be surprised if there is a slight wait around peak dinner hours based on what I saw.  They have a small bar area and serve a fair amount of different beers.  Aurelio’s also offers appetizers, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and calabrese in addition to their thin and stuffed pizzas.  I sampled their bosco sticks as an appetizer, and they were pretty good.  While there isn’t a whole lot you can do to differentiate your bosco sticks from others, Aurelio’s offers theirs with a garlic seasoning that was a nice touch.

Bosco Sticks

Bosco Sticks

You can get your pizza in one of five different sizes at Aurelio’s: Lil 6″, Sm 10″, Md 13″ Lg 15″, or Fiesta 18″.  The 10″ feeds 1-2, and I ordered mine with sausage and pepperoni, a combination otherwise known as the #12 at Aurelio’s.  The richness of the cheese is what stood out to me the most, and it seemed as though they use multiple different cheeses on their pizza.  The sausage was especially flavorful as well.  The thin crust was cooked to my liking with only a slight crispiness and no charring.  It is not quite as thin as some other pizzerias’ offerings and can be considered in between the standard thickness of most thin and hand-tossed pizzas.

10" #12 (Sausage and Pepperoni)

10″ #12 (Sausage and Pepperoni)

I also took the liberty of trying a slice of a thin crust ham and bacon pizza ordered by others in my party.  I liked that their larger 13-inch pizza got square-cut slices, and the ham and bacon toppings were pretty tasty.  Still, I believe the flavors of the sausage and pepperoni on my pizza worked in better harmony with the rich cheese that Aurelio’s uses.

13" Ham and Bacon

13″ Ham and Bacon

I certainly hope to dine at Aurelio’s again soon and recommend that others do the same.  They do a good job of bringing some of the strong meat and cheese flavors of Chicago to central Indiana as evidenced by the sausage and cheese on my pizza.  The sauce did not stand out as much on my pizza as I would have expected from a Chicago pizzeria, but I’d likely need to try their stuffed pie to truly good a sense of its flavor…that’s a good future goal for me.

What I Ate: 10″ Thin Crust with Sausage and Pepperoni
Rating: 8.0/10

Aurelio’s Pizza
13147 Parkside Drive
Fishers, IN 46038

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