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Have you ever had a grilled pizza?  Nestled in Providence, Rhode Island is the famous grilled pizza place, Bob & Timmy’s.  Grilling a pizza is definitely a unique way of preparing it.  They start by soaking the dough in olive oil and then begin grilling it before adding any toppings.  Your tastes buds can immediately tell that it was grilled by the smoky flavor of the crust – which is no thicker than pita bread. 

Their grilled pizza has made Bob & Timmy’s popular enough to support two restaurants in the Rhode Island, and I dined at the Federal Hill location.  I enjoyed being able to eat on the outside patio there, and I believe the one in North Smithfield has a similar option.  My pizza was their Great White, but I think I would have been better served to order one with traditional red sauce.  I did, however, enjoy the nice gooey cheese on it.  Overall, I liked Bob & Timmy’s, but I don’t think I am as big of a fan of the charcoal-grilled crust as some others may be.

What I Ate: Great White
Rating: 7.0/10

Bob & Timmy’s Grilled Pizza
32 Spruce Street, Federal Hill
Providence, Rhode Island 02903


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  1. Eric says:

    Nice, so how did they make it? made the dough, soaked it in olive oil for how long? Then grilled for how long then toppings? I ask because I want to try this :D

    • Ryan Hays says:

      Good questions, Eric.

      They start with 9 ounces of dough soaked in olive oil and cook that for two minutes at 500 degrees before flipping it and adding toppings. I don’t know how long they soak it in olive oil, so you might need to experiment with that a little to get it to your liking. I’m guessing you don’t cook the pizza too much longer than 4 minutes total so that each side of the crust gets cooked for about 2 minutes each. Therefore, you will probably want any meat toppings to be precooked.

      I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck…please let me know how it turns out!

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