Bugsy’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar | Alexandria, VA

I am happy that I did not stop in the first restaurant I saw in Old Town Alexandria, because that gave me time to spot the “All-You-Can-Eat Pizza & Salad Buffet” sign outside of Bugsy’s Restaurant & Sports Bar.  This historic area Alexandria, Virginia is filled with shopping and dining options, but I doubt that there are any others more perfectly suited for The Pizza Fan.  Bugsy’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar is not far from the banks of the Potomac, and I appreciated how its interior kept a lot of the integrity of the old building that houses Bugsy’s.  Also, don’t worry, the televisions from the 1980s do not represent the sports bar part of Bugsy’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar…that is a whole additional section upstairs.

 Bugsy’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar does have other items on their menu, but I did not concern myself with those items, or the salad part of the buffet for that matter.  There are two types of crust featured on the buffet; thin and a thicker pan crust.  I only tried the thick crust option as they got a little too creative with the vegetables and other toppings on the thin crust for my liking.  This crust was good for a slice or two, but I had to stop eating it on the later slices in order to precious stomach space.  Additionally, the slices were pretty large, and that doesn’t allow for a wide variety of sampling on the buffet unless you have a stomach like Kobayashi.  I liked the sauce on the pizza at Bugsy’s, and I think my favorite ingredient was the cheese, of which there was a good amount.  The best pizza on the buffet was their pepperoni in my opinion.  This may not have been the best pizza buffet that I have ever tried, but it definitely beats the chains and offers a nice laid-back dining atmosphere in Old Town Alexandria.

What I Ate: Various Pizzas on the Buffet
Rating: 7.0/10

Bugsy’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar
111 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


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