Santarpio’s Pizza | Boston, MA

Sausage and Pepperoni

Close to the airport, in an East Boston neighborhood, Santarpio’s Pizza definitely has the feel of well established local joint – thick accents and all.  The reason Santarpio’s has been in business since 1903 is that they are widely considered to make some of the best pizza in Boston.  In fact, they are a multiple time winner of Boston […]

Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant | Boston, MA

MA - Bertucci's Italian Restaurant_Sausage Slice

Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant has been cooking up creative brick oven pizzas and other dishes in the Northeast since 1981.  They have an interesting selection of artisan pizzas, and I decided upon the Ultimate Bertucci. This pizza is made to please everyone as the entire pie is covered in pepperoni, and each individual quarter consists of one additional topping […]

Regina Pizzeria | Boston, MA

MA - Regina Pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria has been in business since 1926 and now has several locations throughout Massachusetts and even New Hampshire. I visited the original restaurant in the North End area of Boston and was greeted by a line out the door at only 4:30 in the afternoon. Before visiting Boston, I had read that Regina Pizzeria is […]

Picco | Boston, MA

Picco_Pepperoni Pizza

If I had to describe Picco in one word, it would be “trendy”. They offer an interesting spin on pizza in a cozy bar setting that almost has an up-scale feel to it. They offer many local craft beers and have a large wine selection. We enjoyed our food at a dimly lit bar while […]