Luigi’s Restaurant Review | Akron, OH

Luigi's Restaurant_Pizza with Pepperoni, Sausage, Extra Cheese, and Extra Sauce

If the old school atmosphere of Luigi’s Restaurant in Akron, Ohio doesn’t win you over, then their pizza definitely will.  I watched the “Chicago Band Box” perform over their entrance like it has for the past fifty years while I started my meal with their garlic bread with mozzarella.  This appetizer was good, but the […]

Dewey’s Pizza | Cincinnati, OH

OH - Dewey's Pizza

All you really need to know in regards to how I feel about Dewey’s Pizza is that I held our rehearsal dinner for my wedding there.  They are generous on toppings,  and they might offer the best light and fluffy crust I have ever tasted.  I have my two favorite options pictured, the X-Pepperoni and Caprice, as […]