Copper Still Kitchen & Bar | Noblesville, IN

Copper Still Kitchen & Bar is situated off of the square in downtown Noblesville (the location that was previously Conner Station) and is known for their vast beer selection.  It has a nice atmosphere and features live music on weekends but also offers more of a laid-back dining room if you prefer to be away from the noise.  I focused on beer sampling and their more traditional pub fair during my first couple trips to Copper Still, so I decided I had to give their pizza a try during my most recent visit.  They serve only one size of pizza that is about 15 inches around and is definitely enough for two people.  They have three pre-defined pizza choices (cheese, meat, and veggie), but I imagine that you can request any sort of combination of the toppings that are offered on the three.

I ordered Copper Still Kitchen & Bar’s cheese pizza, and was not as impressed with it as I had been with their other food that I previously tried.  I found the sauce to be pretty flavorful, but its sweet taste was not one of my favorites.  Additionally, there was nothing special about the crust or cheese, and it almost just tasted like a good frozen or take-n-bake pizza.  There certainly wasn’t anything wrong with it, but I think it is the wiser option to go with a tenderloin or one of Copper Still’s burgers (with their deliciously seasoned tater tots as the side) over their pizza. 

What I Ate: Cheese
Rating: 5.0/10

Copper Still Kitchen & Bar
917 Conner Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

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