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Donatello’s Italian Restaurant is located in Carmel’s Arts & Design Distict and boasts a recently expanded restaurant and menu.  The expansion of their restaurant included adding outdoor dining and a coffee lounge.  However, the most important expansion, to me at least, was adding pizza to their menu.  I would classify Donatello’s food as being fairly consistent with that of a rather upscale Italian restaurant, so it is nice that they have begun offering pizza as a more cost-effective option to help please everyone.  Still, since pizza is a new offering to them, it is certainly not their speciality, and their Tortellini Michelangelo is one of my wife’s favorite pasta dishes.  


Your meal at Donatello’s Italian Restaurant begins with warm bread accompanied by butter and fresh mozzarella.  We then ordered the bruschetta pictured above, and it was very flavorful and loaded with diced tomatoes, red onion, basil, olive oil, and garlic.  Next, I decided to try a pizza with sausage and garlic.  Donatello’s pizzas are on a very thin and crispy, cracker-like crust that allows the other flavors of the pizza to shine.  I think the best part of the pizza is their homemade sauce that includes garlic and oregano.  Additionally, the toppings are fresh, and I enjoyed the crumbled sausage, although I didn’t taste very much of the garlic.  While I may recommend Basbeaux Pizza just down the road as a better place if you are only looking for pizza, Donatello’s Italian Restaurant offers a very nice setting with friendly staff and a great overall menu that makes it ideal for dates and special occasions.

What I Ate: Sauasage and Garlic
Rating: 6.0/10.0

Donatello’s Italian Restaurant
Dinner Menu
9 W. Main Street
Carmel, IN 46032

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