Flatbread Company | Portsmouth, NH

Flatbread Company has a very “Earthy” feel, and they focus on having organic local ingredients.  This worked out well for me because my pregnant wife was excited to try their homemade nitrate-free pepperoni.  Flatbread Company clearly speaks to many other people besides my wife though, because they currently have twelve locations across the northeastern United States.  Its hard not to like a place who gives part of their profits back to local non-profit organizations.  Plus, there is something intrinsically trusting about a restaurant whose kitchen is completely open and viewable by its patrons.

Flatbread Company is like Otto Pizza in that they only offer pizza, salads, and desserts.  They also both have a large selection of toppings to choose from and make several specialty pizzas with no pizza sauce.  I tried Flatbread Company’s Jay’s Heart pizza which consists of homemade wood-fired Cauldron organic tomato sauce, premium whole milk mozzarella, and imported parmesan cheese baked on their organic bread dough, and I also added the aforementioned nitrate-free pepperoni to half of it.  The crust had some light charring and a hint of the wood fire it was prepared with, and it was a good mix of soft and crispy in my opinion.  The cheese and sauce went well together but didn’t pack huge flavor on this thin pizza by themselves, so I would recommend more toppings.  The pepperoni had the flavoring of herbal seasoning with fennel seed and not the spicy meat flavor that can be seen as more typical, so that is just a matter of preference.  Overall, Flatbread Company was a really neat place, and I would recommend trying more of their unique toppings than I did.

What I Ate: Jay’s Heart with Pepperoni on Half
Rating: 7.5/10

Flatbread Company
138 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801


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