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Jan’s Village Pizza is a quaint restaurant in the heart of downtown Westfield with a small-town feel and very good pizza. If you like local restaurants then Jan’s Village Pizza is definitely for you, and they also offer delivery if you aren’t in the mood to eat in. Daily lunch buffets are available as well as dinner buffets on select days. When not eating at the buffet, my go-to pizza is the extra cheese and pepperoni pictured above as they have delicious cheese. As I do greatly enjoy their cheese, I like to warm up for this pizza with their bosco sticks or cheesey bread sticks (pictured below). If good meats are your thing, then I recommend the Italian Meat Lovers’ Pizza which is the first pizza pictured below. This pizza actually won third place at Pizza Today magazine’s Midwest Pizza Challenge in August of 2011. The other pizza pictured below was named something along the lines of a pig in a garden, and it included ham, bacon, and some vegetables. I only had ham and bacon on my half, but, if you like vegetables, I can see how they would mix in well on this pizza. The only negative thing I can think of in regards to Jan’s is that they don’t currently serve pizza’s best side…beer.  Still, I very much recommend visiting Jan’s Village Pizza in Westfield or their location in Sheridan if that is closer to you.

What I Ate: Pepperoni and Extra Cheese
Rating: 8.0/10.0

Jan’s Village Pizza
108 S Union St
Westfield, IN 46074

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  1. Steve Miller says:

    Oh yes we do serve BEER & WINE.

    Jan’s Village Pizza’s Mediterranean Pizza
    Winner 2013 Midwest Pizza Challenge, named “Best Pizza in the Midwest” by Pizza Today Magazine and the Mid-west Pizza Expo. Created by Michelle Thomas, Westfield, winner of 2013,15th Annual Pizza Bake-off Thin ‘n crispy crust, Greek (house) dressing, Spinach, fine hand-chopped fresh basil, Feta cheese, Chicken, bacon, Banana peppers, Light Wisconsin mozzarella cheese!

    • Ryan Hays says:

      Thank you for the update, Steve. This review is from several years ago, and I can’t think of a single reason not to go to Jan’s now knowing that you serve beer and wine. Is it also true that Grand Junction Brewing next door will let you bring Jan’s pizza in to enjoy with their beer?

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