Kona Grill Review | Carmel, IN

Kona Grill in Carmel, Indiana is located within Clay Terrace, an outdoor shopping mall, and they also currently have locations within fifteen other states.  Kona Grill is most well-known for their sushi, but I appreciate that they serve pizza, sandwiches, and other dishes as well.  Being that I am in fact The Pizza Fan, and not The Sushi Fan, I sampled their pepperoni (pictured above) and margherita (pictured below) flatbread pizzas.  Their pizzas were pretty good, and I am confident that I enjoyed them more than I would have enjoyed sushi.  However, they previously offered more traditional or normal pizzas as opposed to the current flatbreads, and I think I preffered their prior pizza offerings more.  The pepperoni and margherita pizzas that I tried had nothing wrong with them, but they just didn’t pack an incredible amount of flavor.  Still, if you are with others who want sushi, you can feel safe going to Kona Grill to make them happy while being able to enjoy pizza yourself.  The location in Carmel also has a decent beer and wine list as well as a special bar area (opposite of the interior dining area pictured below).  However, if your party can all agree to have the greatest food on Earth: pizza, then Clay Terrace Mall offers Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza and Bella Pizzeria with Tony Sacco’s receiving my highest recommendation. 

What I Ate: Pepperoni
Rating: 5.5/10.0

Kona Grill
14395 Clay Terrace Dr
Carmel, IN 46032

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