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Latitude 39 is a new entertainment venue/restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana that offers everything from skeeball to pizza.  One could truly be entertained for hours at Latitude 39 as they have an arcade, bowling alley, cinema, sports theater, bar with live music, and more.  Latitude 39 can be thought of as a Dave & Busters on steroids that is also a little more upscale.  It is family-friendly throughout the day, but I am told you have to be over twenty-one to be there after 10 pm.  I tried to take a panoramic photo below to show all of its gloriousness, but it mostly only captured the bar (my apologies to the guy in the green shirt, but he should not have been moving during my photo).   

Latitude 39’s restaurant menu fits the theme of the facility by being large and offering a lot of variety, but I obviously had to try to their individual hand stretched pizzas.  Their pizzas were very thin, but they had a good amount of flavor and grease.  I enjoyed my pepperoni pizza at the top of the review better than my wife’s margherita pizza as they were both greasy, and grease fits a pepperoni pizza much better than a margherita one in my opinion.  They have a nice pizza oven at Latitude 39, and I think that shows in how well the crust is cooked.  I am comfortable recommending Latitude 39 as nice spot on the northside of Indianapolis for some entertainment and good food.

What I Ate: Pepperoni and Margherita
Rating: 6.0/10.0

Latitude 39
Dinner Menu
4016 East 82nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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