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Mama Romano’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria has much better food than you might assume by its location in a strip mall in southern Orlando, not far from the airport.  They also have a large menu that includes beer and wine and even expands beyond traditional Italian food and into chicken wings.  They have a lot of appetizers, and I recommend a variation of their garlic rolls.   These rolls are served as standard garlic rolls, or they can be stuffed with cheese or cheese and pepperoni.  While I haven’t tried any of their other appetizers, I just can’t imagine that it gets much better than these.  I tried them stuffed with cheese, and they were fantastic.  The garlic and seasoning was strong and delicious, and the rolls were basically sliced in half and had gooey cheese inserted. 

Already off to a strong start, next I tried Mama Romano’s Al Fresco pizza on regular crust and their Calabrese on a Sicilian crust.  I found both crusts to be light and all toppings to be flavorful.  If I had to choose one, I would go with the Al Fresco on regular crust, because it contained the same garlic that won me over on their garlic rolls, and I found the Sicilian to be a little too doughy.  With the delicious garlic, diced tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese, the Al Fresco was almost like a combination of bruschetta and pizza.  Based on my experience, I am pretty confident that most would enjoy almost anything they order from Mama Romano’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria.

What I Ate: Al Fresco and Calabrese
Rating: 7.5/10

Mama Romano’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
Dinner Menu
13802 Landstar Boulevard, Suite 101
Orlando, FL 32824

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  1. lashona says:

    ok go here very often best authentic Italian food ever. I took my friends who are on vacation here and they loved it thought it was the best as well. Always great service fast delivery, and if anything is slowed up because of their busy, then they always make it up. I recommend it to anyone craving real Italian awesome food with excellent service!

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