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Marco’s Pizza just opened a new location in Westfield, Indiana, and they also already have locations in twenty-eight other states.  Their restaurant in Westfield offers some limited inside seating and is likely utilized more for carry out or delivery orders.  However, they do have a $5.99 lunch special – a six-inch sub, chips and a drink, a small salad and a drink, or a small one-topping pizza and a drink – that probably brings them a decent volume of dine-in patrons.  Marco’s online ordering system is pretty easy to use, and therefore I placed my carry out order for an extra large pepperoni and extra cheese pizza, an extra large ham and bacon pizza, and cheezy bread on their website.

I enjoyed Marco’s cheezy bread (pictured above) as the Parmesan and Roma seasoning they put on top gives it a little extra flavor compared to other restaurants’ similar offerings.  Overall, the two pizzas I ordered were pretty good, but I didn’t taste a lot to really set Marco’s Pizza apart.  I think a way to try to accomplish that in the future would be to order a different crust than just their original classic as they also offer a crispy thin crust as well as garlic butter, Roma seasoning, or Parmesan cheese free crust toppers.  If it’s possible to add all three crust toppers, then that should step the crust up to the flavor of their cheezy bread and make a delicious pizza from the first to last bite as I have no complaints about their three cheese blend or toppings.  So, feel free to give Marco’s Pizza a try if you have one in your area and think about my advice to make the crust more interesting when placing your order. 

What I Ate: Extra Cheese and Pepperoni and Ham and Bacon
Rating: 6.5/10.0

Marco’s Pizza
14641 North Gray Road
Westfield, IN 46033

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