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Oley’s Pizza has two restaurants in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I ate at the one on the southwest side of town.  This location is in a small, less-than-spectacular-looking strip mall that offers limited signage indicating it houses a great pizzeria.  However, I quickly realized the facade is deceiving when I entered and found a packed house on a Friday evening.  Thankfully, I was able to be immediately seated at the bar-area pictured below, but you should potentially be prepared for a brief wait during prime hours as Oley’s Pizza doesn’t provide a huge amount of seating.  They do seem to do a lot of carry-out business for Fort Wayne residents though. Additionally, I think it is fairly safe to assume these same residents enjoy Oley’s lunchtime buffet.

Their seating is only a minor concern due to their delicious pizza, and my review of Oley’s Pizza is an overwhelmingly positive one.  I started with their garlic cheese bread, which is pictured below, and its amount of garlic and cheese really struck me.  Still, the most exciting part of my meal came only when my double crust pizza with pepperoni arrived.  Oley’s double crust pizza consists of two thin crusts stuffed with loads of their secret cheese blend, topped with sauce, toppings, and then more cheese.  These pizzas take more time to cook than their regular ones, but I think they are well worth the wait if you have time.  My favorite part of the pizza was their secret cheese blend as its quality was just as impressive as its quantity.  The only part of the secret that they give away is that it consists of 100% all-natural Wisconsin cheese grated fresh daily.  The sauce was smooth and light, and, amazingly, its flavor could be detected despite the large amount of delicious cheese.  The outer edges of the crust didn’t offer a huge amount of taste in my opinion, so I would recommend potentially skipping on some of it in order to be able to eat more of this filling pizza.  Overall, while I haven’t eaten at any other pizzerias in Fort Wayne to date, I am confident in naming Oley’s Pizza as one of the best it has to offer.

What I Ate: Pepperoni Double Crust
Rating: 8.0/10.0

Oley’s Pizza
10910 US Highway 24 West
Fort Wayne, IN 46814

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