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Pizza by the Harbour has carryout and delivery locations in Noblesville and Sheridan, Indiana.  My guess is that the Noblesville location was the first since it is just off of Morse Reservoir, and the closest body of water to the Sheridan restaurant seems to be a retention pond.  I had heard good things about the Pizza by the Harbour in Noblesville, which does technically have two tables in it if you would like to dine in but is clearly meant for carry out or delivery service.  Not knowing much else about it, I placed an order for their “famous” breadsticks and a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni.  This was not a completely arbitrary order as they did have a nice deal to get free breadsticks or cheese bread with the purchase of a medium or large pizza.  I’m not sure who deemed their breadsticks to be famous as I found them to be decent, but nothing to write home about (I’ll probably try the cheese bread next time).  They were thick and doughy with a buttery glaze, and they come with a dipping sauce of your choice.

While I was okay with the breadsticks, I think my pizza from Pizza by the Harbour was very deserving of acclaim.  They offer thin and traditional crust, and I went with the traditional based on the recommendation of the girl taking my order.  I believe it was a good recommendation because the traditional crust still wasn’t very thick and was pretty good, while she described the thin crust as almost cracker-like.  Moving beyond the crust, I found everything else on my pizza to be delicious.  The sauce was tasty with a fairly strong tomato flavor.  The plentiful cheese was very good, and so was the crispy pepperoni.  The pizza had a small amount of good grease to it, and I also liked the light seasoning that they topped it with.  I definitely plan to dine at Pizza by the Harbour again, and I liked it so much that you might even find me enjoying it at one of their two small interior tables!

What I Ate: Extra Cheese and Pepperoni
Rating: 8.0/10

Pizza by the Harbour
20813 Hague Road
Noblesville, IN 46062

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