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Regina Pizzeria has been in business since 1926 and now has several locations throughout Massachusetts and even New Hampshire. I visited the original restaurant in the North End area of Boston and was greeted by a line out the door at only 4:30 in the afternoon. Before visiting Boston, I had read that Regina Pizzeria is the best the city has to offer, and the line definitely proved that. It even grew to about a block long when I left the restaurant as the last picture below shows. Granted this location doesn’t seat a large amount of people and there was a Bruins game going on that night not to far from the Regina Pizzera, but I still believe that the line speaks volumes to their popularity amongst pizza connoisseurs. As soon as I tried my pepperoni pizza I was immediately able to confirm that this pizza is worth waiting hours for. It was a deciously thin and greasy pizza with very fresh-tasting toppings and sauce. However, the one thing that stood out even more than the pizza was their dipping sauce made of garlic, red pepper, and sugar. This was not your typical garlic dipping sauce as it contained chunks of garlic and red pepper that combined for an amazing amount garlic spunk and spice. It was so powerful that my wife asked me to brush my teeth twice that night…true story. If you are ever in Boston I cannot recommend Regina Pizzeria enough, especially if you like garlic dipping sauce. I am told that the original location is the best, but please be sure to allow plenty of time to wait to eat there or try going during non-peak dining hours.

What I Ate: Pepperoni
Rating: 9.0/10.0

Regina Pizzeria
11 1/2 Thacher Street
Boston, MA 02113

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