Sal & Carmine’s Pizza Review | New York (Upper West Side Manhattan), NY

Sal & Carmine’s Pizza is a popular, although unassuming, spot in the upper west side of Manhattan.  It has been around for awhile, and it is rumored that either Sal or Carmine are always there making pizzas.  I can attest to the fact that there was an elderly gentleman who took my order, but I am not certain if he was Sal or Carmine.  Their restaurant has limited seating, but they do accommodate some dine in patrons as well as carry out.  Some say that Sal & Carmine’s Pizza does not offer delivery because they refuse to let a pizza out of their site until the customer takes possession of it. 

Sal & Carmine’s Pizza has a simple menu that consists of slices of pizza for $3 each, medium pizzas for $18, large pizzas for $24, and some bottled and canned beverages (they do not have fountain soda).  Their medium pizza has six large slices and is more than enough for two people to split.  I liked their crust as it managed to be soft and somewhat doughy while still adhering to the thin New York-style.  The pepperoni was flavorful, and the cheese was pretty good, although there wasn’t a lot of it.  The pizza was also as greasy as I think all pizzas in New York should be.  My one warning is to be sure to bring some cash as that is all they accept, but it is worth a trip to the ATM to try Sal & Carmine’s Pizza.

What I Ate: Pepperoni
Rating: 7.0/10.0

Sal & Carmine’s Pizza
2671 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

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