Shebella’s Pizza & Deli | CLOSED

Update – Unfortunately Shebella’s Pizza & Deli closed after only about seven months of being in business.

Shebella’s Pizza & Deli is a somewhat new restaurant in northern Indianapolis. They offer a good amount of speciality pizzas and sandwiches, but I visited them for their dinner buffet. The pizza is better than it looks in the picture, and they have a lot of other pasta and salad options on the buffet as well. They had such a wide variety of food on the buffet that even The Pizza Fan branched out a little. Additionally, they will put any pizza you request onto the buffet. I recommend trying Shebella’s Pizza & Deli’s buffet the next time you are looking to really mix up your meal.

What I Ate: Various Pizzas on the Buffet
Rating: 6.5/10.0

Shebella’s Pizza & Deli
7035 E. 96th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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