Space Aliens Grill & Bar | Bismarck, ND

All I need to say about Space Aliens Grill & Bar is that their food is out of this world! (get it?) In all seriousness, their fire roasted pizza was pretty good, although perhaps not the best in the entire universe as they claim. I tried the Perfect Pepperoni from Pluto pizza, and I enjoyed the fact that they topped it with the small cubes of pepperoni along with the more standard slices. The crust was good, and not quite as crisp as typical wood-fired pizzas in case you prefer softer crusts. This restaurant has a huge amount of selection beyond pizza as well, so there shouldn’t be a problem finding something for just about everyone at Space Aliens Grill & Bar. I would certainly recommend checking this place out if you are around one in North Dakota or Minnesota if only to take in all of the interested and entertaining scenary.

What I Ate: Perfect Pepperoni from Pluto
Rating: 6.0/10.0

Space Aliens Grill & Bar
1304 E Century Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58503

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