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Spanky’s is a restaurant and bar on the southeast side of Houston that appears to be known for their pizza, although they serve a fair amount of other dishes as well.  Right off of 610, Spanky’s doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the eclectic decorations on the inside certainly offer more of a fun atmosphere.  I continued to be impressed as I looked at Spanky’s menu, because it seems as though they try to please as many different types of pizza lovers as possible.  They make four different crusts – thin, New York-style, deep dish, and whole wheat – and have a large selection of available toppings.   In an effort to try to sample as much as possible, we tried the sausage, green olive, and garlic New York-style pizza above and the thin crust margarita pizza below.


My preference between the two was the sausage, green olive, and garlic New York-style pizza.  It’s crust had a nice doughy consistency with an enjoyable  flavor that I preferred over the more crunchy and cracker-like thin crust pizza.  Plus, being more of a bar, I don’t think Spanky’s is the best type of restaurant for a margarita pizza.  Overall, both pizzas were pretty decent, but I would not say either were amazing.  I would make a return trip to Spanky’s as it is definitely a good option for pizza on the southeast side of Houston, but I would also like to try some other pizza places in the area before I can make a judgment as to whether or not it is the best option.

What I Ate: Sausage, Green Olive, and Garlic Pizza
Rating: 6.5/10.0

Spanky’s Pizza
7210 South Loop East
Houston, TX 77087

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