M Wood Fired Oven | Cincinnati, OH

M Wood Fired Oven_Pepperoni Pizza

M Wood Fired Oven is in a small strip of restaurants and shops in the Hyde Park/Mount Lookout area of Cincinnati, and, thankfully, there is more detail and creativity in their pizzas than in their simplistic name.  I was not previously familiar with M, and it was not very fun trying to find a parking spot in the […]

Lucy Blue Pizza | Cincinnati, OH

Lucy Blue Pizza in Cincinnati, OH_Pepperoni Pizza

Lucy Blue Pizza is in the Over the Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati, and it was recently voted the “Best Greek Pizza” by City Beat Magazine.  I was unaware of it winning this award and actually only picked it because it had a few televisions in an area with mostly upscale or bars catering to live music and no sports bars that I could […]

Rudino’s Pizza and Grinders | Cincinnati, OH

OH - Rubino's Pizza and Grinders_Pepperoni Pizza

Rudino’s Pizza and Grinders has a special place in my heart as I was able to watch a Colts victory there while in Cincinnati, home of the “Bungles.” It is a nice sports bar that offers a wide variety of food which obviously includes pizza and grinders. I got a pizza with extra cheese and […]

Noce’s Pizzeria | Cincinnati, OH

OH - Noces Pizzeria

Noce’s Pizzeria is a New York-Style pizzeria with a few locations in the Cincinnati area. They also offer pasta, calzones, and subs. The pizza was okay, but the crust seemed a little thick for a New York-style slice. There also wasn’t anything too special about the sauce, and I felt like it could have used […]

LaRosa’s Pizzeria | Cincinnati, OH

OH - LaRosa's Pizzeria

LaRosa’s Pizzeria is a fairly big chain in the Cincinnati area.  They also have locations in southeastern Indiana, northeastern Kentucky, and into the Dayton area in Ohio.  LaRosa’s Pizzeria offers pretty good pizza and lots of other menu options.  If you are in Cincinnati and have already had Dewey’s, then you should definitely give LaRosa’s […]

Dewey’s Pizza | Cincinnati, OH

OH - Dewey's Pizza

All you really need to know in regards to how I feel about Dewey’s Pizza is that I held our rehearsal dinner for my wedding there.  They are generous on toppings,  and they might offer the best light and fluffy crust I have ever tasted.  I have my two favorite options pictured, the X-Pepperoni and Caprice, as […]