Tap House Grill | Seattle, WA

Margherita Flatbread

Margherita Flatbread

Tap House Grill has locations in Seattle and Bellevue, and I dined at the one in downtown Seattle.  I was incredibly impressed with their beer selection – 160 beers on tap – and would give them a 10/10 for that.  However, I was not as impressed with their flatbread pizza which was fairly average.  Thankfully, they have a large menu with lots of other options, and the burgers looked pretty good.  

My margherita flatbread at Tap House Grill was good enough to finish, but there just wasn’t anything particularly exciting about it.  The fresh mozzarella was pretty good and was probably my favorite part.  If you like pesto and balsamic, then you might find the margherita pretty enjoyable.  They have a few other flatbread options, but I suspect they may all just be okay.  The crust was fairly bland, and these seemed to be the type of flatbreads that don’t pack a huge flavor punch.

Dining Area
Dining Area

I enjoyed my overall experience at Tap House Grill and would certainly return to sample more of their beers and try another menu option.  I would definitely recommend them if you want a restaurant with a strong beer selection and a good overall menu, but I just wouldn’t recommend going there specifically for their flatbreads.

What I Ate: Margherita Flatbread
Rating: 5.0/10

Tap House Grill
1506 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

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