Thatzza Pizza | Aberdeen, SD

The pazzazz of the name is what made me stop in Thatzza Pizza in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed with their pizza. My slice of pepperoni was almost the perfect thickness for my tastes; not too thin and not too thick. It also had plenty of good cheese and just a little bit of delicious grease. I tried their Italian Fries (a fancy name for cheesy bread) as well, and they were pretty good but not too special. A better use of stomach space would probably be to have more slices of pizza and hold off on the Italian Fries in my opinion. Thatzza Pizza had a decent sit down area despite not looking like much from the outside, but even more impressive was their pizza-by-the-slice drive thru. I think a drive thru for a pizza place that prepares the pizza ahead of time to be ordered by the slice makes lots of sense, and it can certainly help anyone wanting some pizza in a hurry. Whether you want to eat-in or go thru the drive thru, I recommend trying Thatzza Pizza.

What I Ate: Pepperoni
Rating: 8.0/10.0

Thatzza Pizza
20 6th Ave SW
Aberdeen, SD 57401

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  1. mitch hanes says:

    Ryan you’re missing out if you only had the pepperoni. They’ve got a massive amount of specialty pizzas from chicken cordon bleu to pot roast and chicken fettucini.

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