Totino’s Extremo!

If you have ever had a Totino’s frozen pizza, you likely found it to be somewhat lacking or totally void of flavor (you certainly can’t complain for the price though). Well, luckily some entrepreneurial spirits have found a solution, and that solution is something they like to call “Totino’s Extremo.” Totino’s Extremo consists of two Totino’s frozen pizzas acting as a sort of bun to whatever types of items you choose to add. Doritos are a favorite of the creater of this culinary delight, but it is definitely something that is open for interpretation and creativity. This tasty dish is a crowd pleaser at parties, especially if beverages are being served at those parties. I recently had the great opportunity to attend such a party where I was able to observe Totino’s Extremo being created and then enjoy it. Below are some pictures to take you through the process:

Step 1 – Begin cooking two Totino’s frozen pizzas of any flavor

Step 2 – Add seasonings of your choice

Step 3 – Add toppings (or fillings) of your choice.  Some things known to be successfull are obviously extra mozzarella cheese and meats, as well more unique things such as queso and Doritos (please be sure to note the prepartion taken to crush the Doritos before applying them).

Step 4 – Once fully cooked, place the Totino’s together with bottom crusts facing out to seel all of the deliciousness in the center.

Step 5 – Cut and be prepared to enjoy a nice slice of Totino’s Extremo!

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