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WB Pizza at 62nd and Allisonville in Indianapolis offers a cozy atmosphere and pizza known for its fresh ingredients – the dough and sauce used for their pizza is made daily using all natural ingredients.  I particularly enjoyed the sauce on my sausage and pepperoni pizza as I could tell it had some spices in it, and my waiter told me it is the fennel they put in the sauce that sets it apart from others.  I also really liked the mild Italian sausage I got on my pizza as it had a decent kick to it, and they even offer hot Italian sausage for those more adventurous than me.  The only thing I regret about my trip to WB Pizza is that I got the original thin crust as opposed to the deep dish.  I found out after I had already ordered that the owner is from northwestern Indiana, and that WB Pizza’s deep dish pies are their specialty, with the Grant Park (pepperoni, hot Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers) being the most popular.  They also offer a Di Napoli style pizza that I would like to try, and they have a lot of Vegan dishes as well.  The only potential negative I see about this place is that it doesn’t have a lot of seating inside, but it does offer carry out as well.  Overall, I was very impressed with my first fist to WB Pizza and hope to return to sample some more of their pizzas very soon.

What I Ate: Sausage and Pepperoni
Rating: 7.5/10.0

WB Pizza

6165 Allisonville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46220


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