ZwanzigZ Pizza | Columbus, IN

ZwanzigZ Pizza is in a town more known for its Cummins engines and architecture than food, and I will say that even the building ZwanzigZ occupies is pretty cool-looking.  There is more to be impressed by than just their storefront though; ZwanzigZ brews their own beer and soda and are consistently rated as Columbus’ best pizza.  Their restaurant is very family-friendly, and I think their flights of craft soda are a really neat offering for kids as long as you don’t mind them being on a sugar high afterwards.  Besides pizza, ZwanzigZ serves appetizers, salads, hoagies, and calzones, and I tried some of their cheese sticks as an appetizer.  I enjoyed the cheese sticks, which had a rich cheese blend – maybe parmesan and romano. 

After the cheese sticks, I then tried their five meat pizza (pepperoni, sausage, beef, ham, and bacon).  All of the toppings were good, and the crust at ZwanzigZ is soft and has a buttery glaze.  The sauce also stood out as being very flavorful.  While it wasn’t the best I have ever had; I liked the pizza. Plus, everything else about ZwanzigZ definitely helps it to stand out more than chains and other pizza places in Columbus.

What I Ate: Five Meat Pizza
Rating: 7.0/10

ZwanzigZ Pizza
1038 Lafayette Avenue
Columbus, IN 47201

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