About the Site:

The goal of ThePizzaFan.com is to provide as much information as possible about different pizza options to pizza fans everywhere.  This site will give brief descriptions of various pizzas sampled as well as attempt to rank their quality.  Additionally, please know that every picture is of the actual pizza I ate at that restaurant, and not some photo used in ads that looks nothing like what they actually serve. The homepage will have the most recent posts, but I encourage everyone to peruse the different tabs along the top as well as the tools on the right-hand side of the site.

ThePizzaFan.com will try to accurately portray which pizza places are better than others in certain areas as well. The location of the specific restaurant visited will be noted in every post, and a chain will also be listed under the other states it can be found in. If one is looking for a specific pizza parlor or pizza in a certain area, then the search function, “Pizza by State” listing, and Maps page will be the most valuable.  You are welcome to search by the name of a pizza place in question or by the city you want to have pizza in, and this will show you if I have been there.  The “Pizza by State” listing allows you to see all of the pizza places I have been to that are available by state.  Additionally, the specific cities and rankings of the restaurants I visited are categorized. The Maps page features a graphic representation of where I have had pizza across the United States and specifically in Indiana with color coding by rating.

In short, hopefully this site can help to spread delicious pizza joy to all one slice at a time!

About Me:

My name is Ryan, and I am the creator of ThePizzaFan.com.  Legend has it that I didn’t like pizza until I first saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eating it when I was a young child.  Whatever the case may be, I certainly haven’t stopped eating it ever since.  I started keeping track of all the pizza places I went to in June of 2009 per a challenge by my boss to attempt to have pizza in all fifty states.  I live in a northern suburb of Indianapolis, and therefore, you will see that area having the greatest quantity of pizzas sampled.  However, I also make it a goal to try as many different pizzas as possible whenever I travel and report my findings back to you through this website.  Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or contributions.  I’d love to hear from you!