Hound Dog’s Pizza Review | Columbus, OH

Hound Dog’s 3 Degree Pizza is on the edge of Ohio State University’s campus in Columbus, Ohio. I found the front entrance on High Street is easy to miss, but there is parking in the rear on Dodridge Street (that is where the picture of the outside below was taken). It is a very large restaurant and bar that I can only assume gets pretty busy on weekend nights during the school year. I started with their garlic cheese bread which was very delicious and very garlicy. I followed that up with a pepperoni and sausage pizza on their special seasoned crust. Hound Dog’s offers three degrees of sauces (thus the name): “howlin’ hot,” “spicy,” and “regular.” I must admit that I am not as big of a fan of spice as I am of pizza though, so I stuck with the regular sauce. The pizza was pretty good, but I think the garlic cheese bread was actually the highlight of this meal. They also offer sandwhiches and a few other options as well as plenty of drinks. I think Hound Dog’s 3 Degree Pizza would be a great place to go out to eat and get some drinks in Columbus, however, if you are only worried about having the best pizza in town, I would recommend Adriatico’s.

What I Ate: Sausage and Pepperoni
Rating: 6.5/10.0

Hound Dog’s 3 Degree Pizza
2657 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43202

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