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Jake’s Pizza has been serving the town of Willmar, Minnesota for about forty years, and, after eating there, I am convinced they will still be a favorite of the locals in another forty years.  I did some online research before heading to Willmar allowing me to already be fairly confident that Jake’s was the one place I had to try, and I was able to get resounding confirmations from everyone I asked in town before heading there for lunch.  The food at Jake’s Pizza delivered on my high expectations, and I was also very impressed with the incredibly friendly staff and affordable prices.

My favorite part of my dining experience at Jake’s Pizza was actually their garlic cheese sticks pictured above.  This dish had lots of delicious cheese on it, and I got it with their garlic butter dipping sauce which was thick and strong.  Jake’s certainly thinks of everything as they even offer mints for only five cents so your breath won’t offend others after consuming the garlic cheese sticks with garlic butter dipping sauce.  For my pizza, I tried the Cardinal Special, named after Willmar’s high school mascot, and it included pepperoni, hamburger, and green olives.  The crust – which comes from dough made fresh daily – was very thin, crispy, and slightly charred.   The green olives added an interesting taste, and the hamburger was also good as I am told they ground their sausage and hamburger each day as well.  One final thing to point out about the pizza is that they put squares of cheese on it instead of sprinkled cheese.  The cheese was very good, and this method of topping a pizza led to large volumes of cheese toward the center of the pie.  Given what I tasted, and what the locals told me, I am very confident in recommending Jake’s Pizza as the pizza place you need to try if you are ever in Willmar, Minnesota.

What I Ate: Cardinal Special (Pepperoni, Hamburger, and Green Olives)
Rating: 7.5/10.0

Jake’s Pizza
316 Linchfield Avenue Southwest
Willmar, MN 56201

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