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MacKenzie River Pizza Company started in and is based in Montana but has expanded to have locations in Idaha, Washington, and Indiana.  They offer a lot of interesting specialty pizzas along with soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, and some other entrées that vary by location.  They have some appetizer options as well, and I enjoyed their lodgepoles that are pictured below.  Logdepoles are pretty much just cheese bread, and they were pretty good but not incredibly special.  I followed that up with their fresh tomato basil pizza which was also good, but I have to admit that I do blame myself for not trying one with meat especially given their hunter’s lodge-type atmosphere.  They offer thin or traditional crust, and I enjoyed their thin crust per my server’s recommendation.  The thin crust was pretty good, but, again, I think if I am ever given another opportunity I would get a pizza loaded with meat on their traditional crust next time as I noticed more regulars ordering it.  I was still very satisfied with my experience at MacKenzie River Pizza Company though, and I would feel comfortable recommending it to anyone who is in the area of one.

What I Ate: Fresh Tomato Basil
Rating: 7.0/10.0

MacKenzie River Pizza Company
1110 Road Runner Drive
Helena, MT 59602


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  1. Sheila says:

    We had an office lunch and brought it in. I ordered the Mackenzie Cobb salad, holy huge portion and the Lodge Poles were sooooo delicious! I had to give over half of my salad away to one of our warehouse workers I got so full, I can barely even type this comment! Thank you Brady Bertagnolli for the wonderful meal and big Huge thanks for helping Peggy to the car with the order.

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