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Napoli’s Italian Restaurant & Bar offers some pretty good Italian food in the small town of Corsicana, Texas.  Italian food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Texas, but perhaps it helps to know that Corsicana was named after the Mediterranean island of Corsica that is just off the coast of Italy (now you can’t say that you never learned anything from reading my reviews).  I stopped at Napoli’s because there are not a lot of restaurant options when driving from Houston to Dallas, and Corsicana, which is a little south of Dallas, is actually one of the larger towns I drove by on the lonely highway of I-45.  My meal started out with some complimentary bread and marinara sauce.  The bread was nice and doughy with some brushed butter and seasoning on the top of it, and I was more impressed with it than the marinara sauce.  The sauce wasn’t bad, but I just expected a little more flavor out of it being that Napoli’s is known for quality Italian food.

Moving on to the reason I dined at Napoli’s Italian Restaurant & Bar, I ordered a pizza with Canadian bacon…or ham as it’s known here in the U S of A.  They have a few different crust options, and I went with the Napoli’s Special, which is New York-style.  I was happy with the crust as it seemed to have the same type of glazed butter and seasoning on it that the bread featured.  I also found the cheese to be fairly rich in flavor, and there was a good quantity of it on the pizza without it being overpowering.  Again, I didn’t find anything to be too special about the sauce, and I had same opinion of the Canadian bacon.  While I will very rarely acknowledge this, their other Italian food gets such good reviews that it may be worth trying something besides pizza at Napoli’s from time to time.  Still, I believe Napoli’s Italian Restaurant and Bar offers a pretty good pizza pit stop in between Houston and Dallas, and I should note that it is a lot closer to Dallas than Houston in order to help your timing of this pit stop.

What I Ate: Canadian Bacon
Rating: 7.0/10

Napoli’s Pizza & Restaurant
111 E Collin Street
Corsicana, TX 75110

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  1. Diana says:

    I went to their bar for a first time to meet family, not to drink, about 1:49am with my sister. We (two black American females) get to the door to go in and the bouncer says no one else can go in they’re closing even though they close at 2am. We told him, we just want to meet family inside however he didn’t allow us to enter so we stood outside and not a minute later a group of 6 Caucasian people walk up to the door and go straight in so we walked in behind them and told the bouncer, “You know how this looks right, like some discrimination”. He tried to lie about the group before us and then allowed us in. When we got in we noticed multiple Caucasian people coming in with no problems despite it being after 2am. We asked for the owner and was told by the waitress that they’re all around the bar somewhere but she gave the name, Arian Shiloh to contact. Shortly we left out the door and stood outside with family and noticed more Caucasian people still going in the door with no problems but as soon as a group of three men, one Hispanic and two black, walked up to the door the bouncer refused their entry. I will never return and thank you Napoli’s for keeping racial discrimination alive & going!

  2. Cassi says:

    Today, my family of five, which include my husband and children, 8, 6, and 2 yr olds, departed our vacation destination to head back home to Ft Worth.
    We had been on the road for 1.5 hours when I began searching for a pizza place to stop in and eat lunch. I had promised my son, the night before, that we could fulfill his request to indulge in some deliciousness that is pizza on the trip back home. I searched the Around Me app and came across Napoli’s Restaurant and Bar in Corsicana, TX. “Check the reviews, first,” my husband begs, like the broken record, he is. So, as he insists, I read the reviews. So far, so good. Everyone seems to really love the customer service and I read what seemed to be a great little place to stop in, and take a break from the drive, with my hungry little family.
    It was POURING down rain as we drove in to the quaint little town of Corsicana. I crawled in the back of the car, grabbed my umbrella, tried to fit as many of us as I could under it, and dashed toward the door. “Ready to eat some pizza,” I asked my kids?!
    “YES,” they say! As we walk in, their are two ladies in front of us to be seated. The man at the door takes them to a table and seats them. He comes back to us and says, “Uh..five?” He, then, tells us to just sit anywhere we want. I picked a table big enough for all of us as my husbands goes to find a high chair for our daughter, bring it to the table, and take our boys to the restroom. Meanwhile, man at the front dropped two menus and 2 rolls of silverware down at the table. And, this would be the last interaction between the man in the front and any member of my family. Two Corsicana Firemen and the two ladies that came in before us were the only two tables this man would be interested in serving. I kept making eye contact with the man at the front, in hopes he would realize he had forgotten to be our server, but that wouldn’t be the case. I, then, waved my hand at the young lady across the room in hopes that SHE would help me out and get this party started. I was in disbelief when she yells to me from across the restaurant, “You’re not in my group! This is my group over here.” What?!!? Is this seriously happening? As my hand remained in the air, in utter shock, I let out a ridiculous laugh and looked to my husband as he stared straight down at the table, knowing his wife is about to lose her shit. When I finally see the man at the front, I wave my hand at HIM and say, “Excuse me, sir? Can we get something over here? Anything? Drinks? We are here to eat lunch.” This man, actually, stands there as if he can’t even function. We are trying to be patrons to this particular restaurant, at this particular time and we can’t seem to make this happen! Remember the girl who said we weren’t in her “group?” All of a sudden, she comes over and says, “I’m sorry, but I’m really busy and you’re not in my group, so I can’t help you.” My response, “Ok, but we’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes and we just want to eat something. Can we get some water? Can we order? I mean, no one is even coming over here to help us!” My husband asks if we can just get some water or something. After standing there in front of us for what seemed like 10 minutes just staring at us like we were idiots, she hesitantly, and obviously annoyed by us, started to get some water together for us when my husband says, “Let’s just go. Now, it’s just weird.” So, we just pick our 3 kids up, our umbrella, and head out the door when my husband tells this girl that we will be leaving. She mouths off to him that he could’ve told her hat before she started getting water together for us. My husband walks off but, of course, I say, “Excuse me? What did you say?” She mutters, “Well, he could’ve told me that you were leaving before I started doing this.” Are you kidding me?!!?
    I say to this girl, whom is lucky I am holding a baby, at this point, “We have been sitting there for 15 minutes with no service! YOU said you wouldn’t help us. We are “not in your group,” whatever that means! We are trying to be customers. I don’t understand how this is happening?”
    She has the nerve to say to me, “Well, there is only 2 of us and we are really busy. What do you want me to do? Now, I have wasted my time getting your drinks when you are just going to leave.”
    I can honestly sit here and write, I have NEVER run into this kind of ridiculous customer service, or lack thereof, in all of my almost 35 years. It almost felt like a joke!
    So, my hungry family of five got back into our car and drove the rest of 1.5 hours home and ordered Papa John’s.
    But, seriously. I think the two employees at Napoli’s Restaurant in Corsicana are writing their own reviews. They sure didn’t tell the true story. Don’t. Do. It.

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