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Pizza Lucé is constantly rated as one of the best pizza places, if not the best, in the Minneapolis area, and after trying their pie I can certainly see why. They have five locations in and around the Twin Cities, and I visited the one in uptown Minneapolis. Pizza Lucé’s website states that their “ongoing goal is to create and serve creative and artistic pizzas in a fun environment,” and I have to say that I was impressed with their friendly and entertaining staff before I even tasted my pizza. I was further impressed when I looked at the menu as they certainly do a good job of meeting the other portion of their goal by offering unique pizzas such as the baked potato pizza, the shrimp al pesto pizza, and the pizza lupé (a pizza topped with common taco ingredients). I settled on the slighly less extravagant, yet certainly delicious, pizza lucé which consisted of homemade sausage, garlic, and extra mozzarella cheese on red sauce. I figured the namesake of the restaurant would not disappoint, and I was definitely correct in that assumption. Everything about the pizza was good…the crust, which I am told is gluten-free, the sauce, the cheese, and especially the toppings. Also, if for any reason you don’t want to have their delicious pizza, they offer they offer pasta and hoagies as well. In addition they have very good appetizers as you can see from the picture of the garlic cheese toast below and a decent beer selection. If you are looking for a creative pizza in the Minneapolis area then you certainly need to look no further than Pizza Lucé.

What I Ate: Pizza Lucé (homemade sausage, garlic, and extra mozzarella cheese on red sauce)
Rating: 8.5/10.0

Pizza Lucé
3200 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408


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