Roosters Brewing Company | Ogden, UT

Roosters Brewing Company is a restaurant and microbrewery with locations in Ogden and Layton, Utah. I visted the location on historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden. The restaurant consists of an old two-story building as well as a glassed-in patio where I enjoyed my margherita pizza for lunch. The pizza had three different kinds of tomatoes and some seasonings on a soft and doughy, pita-like crust. They have a vast menu that inlcudes many other types of items as well, so I would definitely recommend Roosters Brewing Company if you are in Ogden or Layton and looking for some good food and brews.

What I Ate: Margherita
Rating: 7.0/10.0

Roosters Brewing Company
253 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401

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