Zio’s Pizzeria | Omaha, NE

Zio's Pizzeria_Margherite and Pepperoni Slices

Zio’s Pizzeria has a few restaurants in Omaha, and I dined at the one in the historic Old Market District.  This is a neat area with cobblestone streets and plenty of dining options and other shops to check out.  This Zio’s Pizzeria location fits its environment well with an exposed brick wall and open ceiling, giving it […]

La Casa Pizzaria | Omaha, NE

NE - La Casa Pizzaria

Many locals consider La Casa Pizzaria to be the best pizza in Omaha, and I made sure to try a pizza that fit the locale; the Classic Hamburger Pizza (I didn’t see a steak pizza as I suppose that would be the only one more fitting). This pizza is made with 100% prime ground beef, […]