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Victoria’s Pizza in Burlington, North Carolina came very highly recommended by the lady working the front desk at my hotel, and a sign outside the restaurant stakes a claim as “Best in Town.”  Perhaps that set my expectations too high, or perhaps they focus too much on barbecue in those parts.  Whatever it was, I wasn’t incredibly impressed and found the pizza at Victoria’s to be just slightly above average.  My first impression was somewhat negative because what they advertise as dine in is really just the tables lining the wall on the left-hand side of the picture below.

This not meant to be a scathing review as the staff was friendly, and the pizza was definitely good enough for me to not think twice about finishing my entire 10-inch personal pepperoni.  Again, I just don’t think it was quite was I was expecting.  My favorite part of the pizza was probably the crust that was decently well done, yet still soft, and it also had some cornmeal on the bottom if you like that.  In addition, the pepperoni and cheese produced a nice amount of tasty grease.  Having not tried anywhere else in Burlington, I will have to take their word for the best pizza in town, and they also offer appetizers, salad, soups, pasta, steak, seafood, sandwiches, Stromboli, and calzones.

What I Ate: Personal Pepperoni Pizza
Rating: 6.0/10

Victoria’s Pizza
2948 South Church Street, Suite 105
Burlington, NC 27215

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