Chicago Pizzeria Rankings

You may have noticed that I visited four of Chicago’s finest pizzerias in the brief span of two days recently. This was certainly a challenge, but I did it all for you, the loyal followers of The Pizza Fan (thanks Mom). I was hoping to come away from this pizzalicious trip with a clear-cut winner for Chicago’s pizza, but, unfortantely, the best I could come up with was a three-way tie between Giordano’s, Gino’s East, and Lou Malnati’s. My problem was that I especially enjoyed a certain and different part of the pizza from all three restaurants, and below are the individual awards I came up with to make myself feel better about being too weak-willed to pick Chicago’s best pizza:

Best Cheese – Giordano’s (try asking for extra cheese and be prepared to be amazed)
Best Topping – Gino’s East (order their sausage patty that covers the entire pizza if you can’t stand bites without a topping)
Best Crust – Lou Malnati’s (make sure you request the butter crust to get full enjoyment)

I welcome others’ thoughts about the best pizza in Chicago as perhaps there is another pizzeria in the Windy City that tops all of these?

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  1. Nick Castiglione says:

    Next time you guys swing through Chicago we have to go to Louisa’s. It will soon be your Number 1. Cool blog by the way.

  2. Ed Balaun says:

    Best Chicago Pizza, ranked by me: 1. Giordano’s, 2. Lou Malnati’s, 3. Gino’s East.

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