CiCi’s Pizza

4/4/2013 Update – Many Cici’s locations, including the one I visited in Kokomo, have closed over the past few years.  I don’t know if they ever took my recommendation to bring back their cheesy garlic bread as there are no longer any locations close to me.

I always found the cheesy garlic bread to be the highlight of Cici’s buffet.  Unfortunately, on a more recent trip, after this picture was taken, I found out they have actually stopped serving it.  I inquired to Cici’s Pizza and was told that “although [they] no longer offer the Garlic Cheese Bread on the buffet, [their] stores still have the ability to
make the cheesy bread upon request.”  Additionally, they said “they will be introducing some exciting new products in the coming months.”  I hope this information can be helpful to you when you visit a Cici’s Pizza so that you are not blindsided like I was, and I would certainly be intersted to hear from anyone that might have any more information or updates in regards to this sad situation.  Overall, they put a lot of interesting pizza out on the buffet, but I don’t think any of it is that amazing.

What I Ate: Various Pizzas on the Buffet
Rating: 3.5/10.0

CiCi’s Pizza

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  1. Kelly H says:

    If I wanted that much dough I’d just go get a dough-nut….(ha)!

  2. alvin knight says:

    do you folks sell gluten free pizza

  3. Ryan Hays says:

    Alvin – Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on Cici’s website indicating that they offer gluten-free pizza. In fact, they list their flour as being high gluten bleached wheat flour. Sorry I don’t have better news to deliver.

  4. Annette says:

    We have been missing it too! They have put out some kind of cheese bread but not even close to what they had. For those readers out there, it’s a splurge for us, not something we ate all the time… couple times a year!

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