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Matt the Miller’s Tavern is located in a new building in the City Center area of Carmel, Indiana at the corner of Rangeline Road and 126th Street, and they also have locations in Grandview and Dublin, Ohio.  Their restaurants have a little bit of something for everyone making them hard to classify, but I would consider them to be an upscale sports bar.  I say this because televisions can be seen from most tables, but they also offer a very nice dining environment with more than just standard bar food.  Besides flatbread pizza, they serve burgers, sandwiches, chicken, fish, steak, and the delicious bavarian pretzel bites with roasted garlic and sweet and tangy mustard sauces pictured below.

I tried a classic margherita flatbread pizza from Matt the Miller’s Tavern, and they also make wild mushroom, pear and gorgonzola, black and bleu, ahi tuna, chipotle shrimp, and chicken avocado flatbreads.  My pizza had a thin and crispy crust with rich cheese.  It was pretty good, but, being a flatbread, it was rather small and not very filling.  Therefore, I think it would be better served as an appetizer to be split amongst a few people who then move on to something like one of Matt the Miller’s Tavern’s burgers for the bulk of their meal.  I recommend Matt the Miller’s Tavern as a nicer place to eat and drink (they have a good beer selection) while still possibly being able to watch a game.

What I Ate: Classic Margherita
Rating: 5.5/10.0

Matt the Miller’s Tavern
11 W City Center Drive
Carmel Indiana 46032

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