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Mike’s Italian Grill in Kokomo, Indiana offers a variety of food, but I believe they are best known for their pizza.  Mike’s seems to do an excellent job of going above and beyond with the little things to ensure you have a pleasureable dining experience.  A couple of these things that stood out to me were that they bring you a glass of whatever soda you order as well as a pitcher to make sure your beverage doesn’t run out (they do offer beer, but I’m guessing the same practice doesn’t apply for it), and they offer complimentary nacho cheese (which was delicious) with their pizza to dip the crust in.  The staff at Mike’s was also very friendly, and the only slight negative was that the kitchen seemed to be a little slow.  However, they have some televisions and a pleasant atmosphere if you aren’t in a hurry.  It also seems as though you can get a lot of food for your money at Mike’s Italian Grill.

I started my meal at Mike’s Italian Grill with a full order of their cheese bread.  It was very good, and, if you can’t tell from the picture above, a half order is likely plenty for an appetizer.  I then ordered a sausage and pepperoni pizza on their pan crust.  Mike’s also makes hand tossed and crispy thin crusts, but pan was the recommendation of my waitress.  They make their own dough at Mike’s, and I especially liked the crumbly sausage that comes on their pizza.  The pan crust was pretty thick and airy if you like that, but I might prefer to try a different crust next time in order to be able to better taste more of the other aspects of their pizza.  Overall, I greatly enjoyed my experience at Mike’s Italian Grill and recommend it to anyone in Kokomo.

What I Ate: Sausage and Pepperoni
Rating: 7.0/10.0

Mike’s Italian Grill
4001 S. Dixon Rd.
Kokomo, IN 46902

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  1. gary gunberg says:

    We went to mikes on Valentine’s day after seeing a movie.  It was slow maybe three tables in the area with the plane. We got seated time the women took our drink order and when she came back we were ready to order. I placed a order for mushrooms and a medium-sized top gun no bacon add mushrooms on half. It took us over 40 minutes to get our food and we got both the mushrooms and pizza at the same time so much for appetizers.  When asked how was our food I told the woman that our pizza as not hot and must have been setting in the back and asked to speak to the manager. We continued eating the pizza as it was warm. We were brought our bill and was told the manager said because we ate the food we had to pay for it. I asked if the manager was coming out so I could speak to her and was told in a smart ass way oh yes shes going speak to you. Then had to wait another 10 min and finally she showed up and I explained how long we waited for our food and our pizza and got both at the same time. I was told I should have ask to have it warmed up. First of all the person serving us should have offered after I told them it was not hot and second If I want warmed up pizza I would have gotten a frozen pizza there cheaper.  And I was insulted that I was told i’d have to pay for it. I never once said I wasn’t going pay for it. I will never ever order or eat at mike’s again you are rude people.P.S. thanks for fu***** up our Valentine dayGary GunbergSent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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