The Cheesecake Factory | Indianapolis, IN

The Cheesecake Factory in the Keystone Fashion Mall on Indy’s north side must be doing something right because they are always busy, and I give them credit for having quick service despite the crowds.   Part of their draw may be that they have something for everyone with one of the biggest menus I have ever seen.  They literally have three menu pages devoted solely to appetizers and a page and a half just for their various cheesecake options.  Being the planner that I am, I chose to forgo an appetizer in favor of saving room for their Original Cheesecake with Strawberries for dessert after my pizza.  I was not disappointed in this cheesecake that they claim is their most popular.

Alas, I am The Pizza Fan and not The Cheesecake Fan – although that gives me a good spin-off idea – and I did not find their pizza to be anything more than average.  The sauce was decent, and they sprinkled some herbs and seasoning on top of the pizza that helped to add some flavor.  Also, the crust had a good consistency, and I enjoyed the edges perhaps due to what tasted like a butter-type glaze that they may have applied.  However, there wasn’t really anything special about the cheese or pepperoni.  Given their huge menu and their fairly mediocre pizza, I will likely try something else the next time I visit The Cheesecake Factory. 

What I Ate: Pepperoni
Rating: 5.0/10

The Cheesecake Factory
8701 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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  1. Ian Hoyt says:

    I absolutely love Cheesecake factory pizza… As a pizza snob myself, it’s sort of weird saying I like it because it comes from a chain. But for some reason I think they do something right when it comes to the dough and the perfectly round pepperoni slices.

    Of course it will never out weigh local pizza shops though!

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