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The Cool River Pizza in Noblesville recently underwent a large expansion, and thus I am updating their review as eating in their restaurant is now a completely different experience.  The picture of the inside below shows where you place your order, and, aside from a couple booths on both sides, that used to be the majority of the restaurant, making Cool River Pizza basically just available for carryout or delivery.   However, their new expansion now features more booths, many large tables, a bar, and even a Wii and arcade games for kids.  The entire interior of Cool River Pizza is decorated in a rustic outdoors theme similar to MacKenzie River Pizza Company which now also has a location in the Indianapolis area.  I typically begin my meals at Cool River Pizza with their cheesy breadsticks as they are always delicious.  I continue to follow the theme of cheese by ordering a pizza with extra cheese and some other topping, usually pepperoni or ham.  If you are a fan of lots of cheese on a pizza, as every true American should be, then you will greatly enjoy a pizza with extra cheese from Cool River Pizza.  Their cheese is very good, and they are very generous with it when you request extra.  Their crust is also good as it features some seasonings.  If your tastes differ from mine, and you want to order something without cheese, they also offer salads, regular breadsticks, and chicken wings.  Cool River Pizza only has locations in Indiana and California, and if you live in Hamilton County, Indiana, I would recommend giving Cool River Pizza a try, if you haven’t already.

8/15/2014 Update - I believe Cool River has changed management a couple times, and, unfortunately, their recipe seems to have changed a little as well.  The pizza is still pretty good overall, but the crust was fairly dry and flavorless during my last dining experience there.  The best way to combat this is by saving some garlic butter from the cheesy breadsticks I mentioned above (they are still delicious) and dipping the crust in that.  I’ll leave my rating of Cool River unchanged for now and hope they work on their crust moving forward or change it back to the original recipe.

What I Ate: Pepperoni and Extra Cheese
Rating: 8.0/10.0

Cool River Pizza
14741 Hazel Crossing #100
Noblesville, IN 46062

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