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Giorgio’s Pizza opened in 1990 and is just east of Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.  It was neat to see Giorgio himself still working there, although the staff wasn’t very friendly overall.  In addition to salads, pasta, and subs, Giorgio’s offers both Sicilian thick crust pizza and Neopolitan thin crust pizza (basically New York-style) by the slice or by the whole pie.  I tried a slice of each, although it think I would have been better served to have ordered an entire pizza.  My reasoning is that they pre-make several pizzas and reheat the slices as they are ordered to be able to quickly serve the lunch crowd.  Unfortunately, the lack of freshness and reheating takes a toll on the pizza in my opinion, especially the crust.  Therefore, I think the pizza at Giorgio’s would taste much better the pizza is made fresh specifically for you, and they have a decent amount of seating plus beer and wine if you have the time to wait.  I hope to go back to Giorgio’s Pizza in order to test my theory, and, either way, it is still a decent option for a quick slice in downtown Indianapolis.

What I Ate: Neopolitan-Style Pepperoni and Sicilian-Style Sausange and Pepperoni
Rating: 6.0/10.0

Giorgio’s Pizza
9 East Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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  1. wibia says:

    Totally agree though 6 might be high

    • Ryan Hays says:

      You are probably right. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that their fresh pizza would be much better as I have heard good things. I will lower it from a 6 if I am able to try their freshly-baked pie and am not impressed.

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