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My Cuban Pretzel Flatbread at Shoefly Public House really pushed the boundaries of what can evenly remotely be considered pizza, but I found the restaurant and this dish worthy of a post nonetheless.  Shoefly is located at 22nd and Talbott Street in Indianapolis and was created to offer this area a place for a quick bite and drinks with friends similar to that what can be found around Mass Ave or Broad Ripple.  Their dining room upstairs is nice but can fill up quickly, and they don’t take reservations.  Don’t worry though, they have a downstairs section that reminds one of a college basement in its simplicity and in its activities offered.  This basement features a ping pong table, two dart boards, and a server offering beer and wine.  So, it presents some good options to help pass the time until your table is ready. 

Once ready to eat, Shoefly Public House starts out with a strong selection of appetizers.  We sampled the pretzel nuggets with bier cheese and duck wings.  Both were excellent, and I gave a slight edge to the chimichurri duck wings over the zesty orange ones.  As if the duck wings weren’t interesting enough, I then tried my flatbread that was definitely more similar to pizza in appearance than in taste.  While in a fairly standard pizza form, this Cuban Pretzel Flatbread truly tasted like a Cuban sandwich – with the pickles and everything.  The crispy pretzel crust wasn’t even the most unique part of this entrée, but I did enjoy how it added a little bit of extra sweetness to the dish.  If you like a Cuban sandwich and pretzels, then you will like this, but don’t get it because you like pizza.  In fact, I actually couldn’t give it too high of a score because its mozzarella cheese is the only thing it has in common with a traditional pizza.  I know a standard flatbread is already on the edge of what some consider pizza, so I apologize if I upset any pizza purists with this review.  However, Shoefly Public House’s creativity in atmosphere and food (they serve sandwiches on waffles and all sorts of other stuff) seemed deserving of mention.

What I Ate: Cuban Pretzel Flatbread
Rating: 6.0/10

Shoefly Public House
122 East 22nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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