Village Tavern | Winston-Salem, NC

Margherita Flatbread

Village Tavern is a popular spot in Winston-Salem, and they have other locations across a few states and even the Philippines as well.  Part of the popularity must come from the incredibly wide range of options on their menu.  I believe they are most known for their burgers and steaks, but there is probably something wrong […]

Little Caesars | Westfield, IN

Little Caesars_HOT-N-READY Pepperoni Pizza

With the proper limited expectations, I think you can be satisfied with the pizza you get from Little Caesars given the price.  I was able to get a HOT-N-READY pepperoni pizza, a HOT-N-READY sausage pizza, and two orders of their Crazy Bread for slightly less than $20.  Being able to comfortably feed four adults for […]

Subway | Carmel, IN

Subway Pepperoni Flatizza

Despite the fact that they annoyingly call it Flatizza, I felt obligated to try this offering at Subway since they are technically the world’s largest restaurant chain that serves pizza.  I went in with fairly low expectations, and I would say those were appropriately set.  My pepperoni “Flatizza” had a somewhat tough crust, and the sauce tasted […]

La Tana dell’Arte Review | Naples, Italy

La Tana dell'Arte_Naples(Napoli)_Margherita Pizza

I had incredibly high expectations for trying a margherita pizza in its birthplace of Naples, Italy, and the pizza I ate at La Tana dell’Arte Pizzera somehow managed to meet them.  Every element of the pizza was excellent.  The crust was probably one of the best I have ever tasted as it was fairly thin yet […]

Bodrum Cafe & Restaurant Review | Istanbul, Turkey

Bodrum Cafe and Restaurant_Margherita Pizza

Bodrum Cafe & Restaurant offers a multi-level dining option with an expansive menu in the tourist area of Istanbul, Turkey. We ate on the terrace at the top of the restaurant and enjoyed views of the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia (the second picture below is a view from the terrace level).  They also have an […]

California Pizza Kitchen | La Jolla, CA

CA - California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen offers good pizza and many more menu options than their name would imply. I liked that their pizza had a light, fluffy crust, however they aren’t exactly loaded with cheese and toppings. They offer a lot of specialty pizzas (the Meat Cravers pizza that someone I was with had is pictured below), […]

Marina Pizzeria | Nassau, Bahamas


I was able to find an American-style pizzeria during my second stop in the Bahamas.  Marina Pizzeria offers very good pizza that is loaded with cheese.  This restaurant is located in the marina just outside of the Atlantis.  It is a great place to enjoy some pizza and take in the sights, which include some […]

Olive’s Mediterranean Café & Bar | Nassau, Bahamas


That’s right, the pizza fan went international!  Olive’s Mediterranean Cafe & Bar is a neat restaurant hidden in downtown Nassau.  It is an open air restaurant that is located in an alley of shops, but is much nicer than you would think given that description.  Not surprisingly given the name, they offer a Mediterranean-style pizza.  […]