Godfather’s Pizza | Iraan, TX

Cheese Pizza

Godfather’s Pizza started in Omaha, Nebraska, and it seems they are most prevalent in the surrounding areas.  Still, they have restaurants across the country – from Alaska to Florida.  Their stores vary from standalone restaurants to express locations, which are typically attached to gas stations.  I visited an express one in Iraan, Texas that was with a gas […]

Babymoon Cafe | Morrisville, NC

Storefront and Outside Dining Area

While most of the restaurant options around Raleigh/Durham Airport are chains, Babymoon Café is a nice alternative option near the airport hotels.  They offer both inside and outside seating with quaint and relaxing feels.  In the evenings, you can actually dine under the starlight with either option, it’s just that one is artificial starlight.  I enjoyed the outdoor dining area […]

Flix Brewhouse | Carmel, IN

Inside Flix Brewhouse

Flix Brewhouse is a movie theater that also prepares their own food and brews their own beer.  Not only will they serve you in the actual theater, but they are also confident enough in their food and beer to offer it in a pub-like area of the lobby, regardless of whether you plan to see a movie there […]

Little Caesars | Westfield, IN

Little Caesars_HOT-N-READY Pepperoni Pizza

With the proper limited expectations, I think you can be satisfied with the pizza you get from Little Caesars given the price.  I was able to get a HOT-N-READY pepperoni pizza, a HOT-N-READY sausage pizza, and two orders of their Crazy Bread for slightly less than $20.  Being able to comfortably feed four adults for […]

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano | Carmel, IN

Biaggi's_Sausage Pizza

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano is a chain of nice, yet casual, Italian restaurants that offer soup, salad, pasta, seafood, steak, pizza, and dessert.  I dined at their restaurant in Carmel’s Clay Terrace outdoor mall, and I was impressed by how they classed-up the interior from the bars that were in its location previously.  I was with a group […]

Chuck E. Cheese’s | Indianapolis, IN

Chuck E. Cheese's_Medium Pepperoni Pizza

The fact that I visited a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant with other grown men should help show that I will leave no stone unturned in my search for the best pizza.  While it probably won’t be winning any awards soon, their pizza was pretty decent and was certainly better than I expected.  It had a fairly […]

Ruckus Pizza Review | Raleigh, NC

Ruckus Pizza_Sausage and Pepperoni slices

Ruckus Pizza has three locations in North Carolina, and I ate at the one in Raleigh near North Carolina State University’s campus.  While some of the pictures on their website indicate a family dining atmosphere, I would caution that the Ruckus in Raleigh offers more of a late night sports bar theme.   This is not meant to be a negative comment as […]

Kona Grill Review | Carmel, IN

Kona Grill_Pepperoni Pizza

Kona Grill in Carmel, Indiana is located within Clay Terrace, an outdoor shopping mall, and they also currently have locations within fifteen other states.  Kona Grill is most well-known for their sushi, but I appreciate that they serve pizza, sandwiches, and other dishes as well.  Being that I am in fact The Pizza Fan, and not The Sushi […]

Rusty Moose Bar & Grill | Spokane, WA

WA - Rusty Moose Bar & Grill

Who wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant named after a corroded mammal? Actually, the Rusty Moose would certainly be my recommendation for dining around the Spokane International Airport area. This restaurant is decked-out like a mountain lodge and offers an incredibly vast selection of food. Some of the highlights are whiskey river meatloaf, BBQ […]

Michaelangelo’s Italian Bistro | Noblesville, IN

IN - Michaelangelo's Italian Bistro

Michaelangelo’s Italian Bistro serves decent pizza as well as many other options. It is much more of a laid back atmosphere inside than what the name would elude to. I only tell you this so that you don’t make the same mistake as my wife who got all dressed up for what she thought would […]