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With the proper limited expectations, I think you can be satisfied with the pizza you get from Little Caesars given the price.  I was able to get a HOT-N-READY pepperoni pizza, a HOT-N-READY sausage pizza, and two orders of their Crazy Bread for slightly less than $20.  Being able to comfortably feed four adults for less than $20 is pretty impressive, so just don’t expect it to taste like pizza straight from Italy.  Their Crazy Bread are breadsticks with butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese sprinkles, and these are a nice side item if you want something in addition to pizza.  However, if your goal is pure quantity at the lowest price, it is worth nothing that an order Crazy Bread costs nearly 80% as much as a HOT-N-READY pizza ($3.99 for Crazy Bread and $5 for a HOT-N-READY pizza), and they don’t represent 80% as much food.   

Little Caesars_Crazy Bread

The HOT-N-READY pizzas from Little Caesars have a fairly bland crust, but it doesn’t taste bad and isn’t cooked poorly.  I think I would like to try their Detroit-style deep dish pizza next time though in hopes that its crust is better.  Other than that, the sauce, cheese, and toppings are all certainly serviceable and did not taste significantly worse than other chain pizza restaurant.  Also, the convenience of knowing their HOT-N-READY pizzas are always prepared and waiting for you whenever you swing into a Little Caesars is very nice, and this did not make them taste too stale or anything.  Overall, Little Caesars is a pretty good option for the budget-conscious pizza consumer.

Little Caesars_HOT-N-READY Sausage Pizza

What I Ate: HOT-N-READY Pepperoni and HOT-N-READY Sausage
Rating: 5.5/10

Little Caesars
17423 Carey Road
Westfield, IN 46074


Little Caesars in Westfield, Indiana

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  1. Paul Bailey says:

    You know what, I’ve long tried to stand up for Little Caesar’s. The problem is that they’re super inconsistent – if you can find one with a reliable crew and ingredient selection, you’ll have a friend for life. But even the ones I like in my town (and we have a few, believe it or not) tend to be a little iffy from night to night depending on how busy they are – sometimes the pizza is overcooked, or sometimes the cheese kind of…isn’t good. I mean, every pizza place is going to have some off days, but Little Caesar’s tends to be one extreme or another – it’s either totally awesome or basically cardboard.

    Or maybe I’m just bitter that the last Hot ‘n Ready I bought from them didn’t actually have any sauce on it. I’ll still go back, though.

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