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Mikey’s Pizza Pit Stop in downtown Knox, Indiana has been called the best pizza in town by some, and this is in a town with two other great pizza joints nearby (Gina Marie’s Pizza and Al’s Pizza and Subs).  Mikey’s Pizza Pit Stop reminded me a little bit of Al’s because they both add garlic to the outside of their crust, which makes it very tasty.  Not knowing their penchant for garlic ahead of time, we ordered the pizza pictured above with Italian sausage, green olives, and minced garlic.  This pizza impressed me as their minced garlic remained potent throughout the whole pie.

Another great pizza from Mikey’s was the plain cheese one pictured above.  This is because it allowed the flavor of the garlic on the outside edges of the crust to really shine through since there weren’t a lot of other competing flavors.  It is important to note that their crust automatically comes with garlic on it, so you should request that to be removed if you prefer not to have it.  Moving on from the garlic that I love, our pizzas from Mikey’s Pizza Pit Stop were very solid all around.  Their sauce, cheese, and toppings were all pretty good.  I honestly can’t decide which I like better between Mikey’s Pizza Pit Stop, Gina Marie’s Pizza, and Al’s Pizza and Subs as they all offer great qualities, but I should point out that Mikey’s and Al’s have a dine-in area if you want that, while Gina Marie’s is only for carryout and delivery.  Still, the only way you could go wrong is by not having pizza at one of these three places if you are in Knox, Indiana.

What I Ate: Sausage, Green Olives, and Minced Garlic and Others
Rating: 8.0/10.0

Mikey’s Pizza Pit Stop
10 N Main St.
Knox, IN 46534

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